In data privacy and security, we might have a “forest for the trees” moment right now. And they may not be the trees we expected. By now, you are familiar with the term ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Although the term itself can induce political and social tensions today, it is a shorthand for a basket of intangible aspects of a business that, through the reactions of shareholders, employees, and customers, can affect the bottom line or even enterprise viability. The terminology is new; the underlying concepts of internal and external perception go back to the 1960s, if not much earlier. The danger of this new name lies in divisive cultural issues relating to “E” and “S” overwhelming “G”—governance, an uncontroversial concept crucial to businesses handling personal data.Continue Reading Focusing on the “G” in ESG: Why it Makes the Most Money Sense for the Short and the Long Haul